A Treat for Halloween!

Do You Use Safari?

Not hearing any audio when previewing your video on EditSmart? If this is the case, please check what browser you’re using. Safari has a hard time playing nicely with others and it removes all audio that plays from our video player. However, if you’ll use a different browser, like Google Chrome, you will be able to hear the audio. Likewise, you can download the high resolution video and then all audio will play.

No Penalty for Downloading High Resolution Video

Thanks for helping us serve!

EditSmart, like many businesses in our industry, was hit especially hard during the shut down. In order to keep editors busy, the team put the word out through many of you that they were looking for projects for Non-Profit Organizations to do at no charge. The call was answered, and the team was able to keep busy, while providing services to the following community organizations and services:

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Avoiding Blown Out Footage

We’d like to address something we’ve been seeing more of recently. Blown out footage. We bring it up because we often get asked to fix it. To state it clearly, any part of the footage that is blown out cannot be recovered – just like with photos. This probably seems obvious, but we’d like to provide a few tips and resources to help avoid blowing out your footage. 

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