Wedding Video Editing

What kinds of wedding video editing does EditSmart do? Does EditSmart edit international weddings? Will EditSmart sync ceremony/reception/letters recorded audio? The answers to all of these questions and more are below! 


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Creating and sending proxy files – an update

Is uploading your files to EditSmart taking more than a day? There’s a simple and fast way to send us your files using proxy files. We have an updated video (4 min) that shows how to create and send proxy files to us, then reconnect your high res files for faster uploading. The process is easier than before, so we recommend giving it a watch even if you currently work with proxies. 

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A Treat for Halloween!

Do You Use Safari?

Not hearing any audio when previewing your video on EditSmart? If this is the case, please check what browser you’re using. Safari has a hard time playing nicely with others and it removes all audio that plays from our video player. However, if you’ll use a different browser, like Google Chrome, you will be able to hear the audio. Likewise, you can download the high resolution video and then all audio will play.

No Penalty for Downloading High Resolution Video