You spend HOW much time editing?? It’s time to outsource.

We’ve all been there, editing for hours into the night. Downing caffeine just to keep our eyes open, so we can keep working. Exporting multiple times until the video is perfect. All of this, and then our client asks us to go back and remove a clip, then replace another, etc. You can keep doing this if you want, or you could stop losing time editing.

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Why NOT to use Auto White Balance in video

Best SEO practices for photographers and videographers in 2020 by RetouchUp

LOG Footage

What is LOG Footage? 

LOG stands for logarithm. It is a shooting profile that gives videographers more control over the dynamic and tonal ranges. This preserves more data in the shot, which allows you to have much more control in post production. While recording in LOG gives you greater control in post, your clips will come out looking very flat and gray. This washed out look happens because the LOG profile keeps the details in the shadow and highlights, but in doing so there is not much contrast or saturation. 

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What’s Included With EditSmart’s Video Editing Services?

What’s included with EditSmart’s video editing service? 

EditSmart’s video editing services come with many features to help videographers and photographers stop losing time. We hope that by providing a short description of our editing services you will be better able to utilize EditSmart. We can provide you with each of the below services should you need them. Just let us know what you’re needing in your instructions and we’ll get it done for you! You can take a look at pricing and each of our editing levels here.  

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