About Us

EditSmart is the video editing solution from RetouchUp (Hollywood FotoFix, Inc.). With 25 years editing for imaging professionals, this team knows the needs of industry professionals. New technologies and processes have made it far easier to share editing jobs. They have also allowed systems which have benefited photographers for years to now serve videographers equally.

Why Choose Us?

Time saving, quality service, done for low, simple pricing. Backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When videographers and studios offload time-consuming editing, and leverage their time for business growth and profitability – delivery times come down, and profits go up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the credibility of RetouchUp’s reputation, 25 years in business, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, EditSmart is a reliable partner, and a safe bet.

If even great partners require some learning and adjustment, let’s get that process started with each other today!