Do I have to put in instructions? Why can’t I just say, “Do your best.”?

We serve professionals from every end of the spectrum. What one professional would find to be fantastic editing, another would be irate over. One professional might assume it would be obvious to add a call to action page at the end while the other would be upset that we had done something we weren’t asked to do. Because of this, we can’t let our editors do what they feel is obvious. We require our clients to tell us what they want done, it’s the only way to serve such a wide spectrum of clients with different tastes/styles, editing preferences, and clientele.

What is the turnaround policy?

Average turnaround time fluctuates throughout the year. Our goal is to have a 5-business day maximum turnaround time. We do not guarantee 5 business day turnaround time at any time due to many factors which may include reworks/revisions, order size, level of difficulty, corrupt file, additional information needed, price change request, or editor availability. If you are under a tight deadline please email us at support@editsmart.com or give us a call at 888-700-3686 and we’ll attempt to expedite your order.

I must be a Professional Photographer/Videographer?

Yes. EditSmart is a business-to-business video editing service, offering wholesale accounts to Professional Photographers/Videographers, as well as a select few in the design and marketing industries. We choose only to work with Professional Photographers/Videographers for many reasons – the knowledge of what is and what isn’t possible in Premier Pro and other video editing software, the quantity and quality of videos sent to us, and the professional partnership that we can share with qualified individuals such as yourself!

How many images and video clips should I include for a balanced Hybrid show?

There is no magic number but a good starting guide would be as follows. For each minute of video 13-15 still images seem to be a comfortable pace. Video clips can be added in appropriate sections. For a 4-minute video, one full minute of video and about 40 still photographs will make a good ratio. This is merely a suggestion and it may be adjusted to suit your specific taste.

What length should I make the video?

It depends on the purpose of the video. A 30 second to one-minute video is very adequate for a product or service advertising video. A vacation, family reunion, high school senior or wedding highlight video can be a real crowd pleaser up to 4 minutes. After that attention spans begin to diminish. You can determine that just right length but these averages have worked well.

Will you determine which photos and videos are best to use if I send everything to you?

Yes, we can cull through your files and determine based on your example links which files to use in the video if you send us everything. It will our course save us time if we only have the video files from which to make the video, but it is not required.