What Is Hybrid Photography ?

What Is Hybrid Photography ?

What is Hybrid Photography? 

Hybrid Photography is the combination of both photo and video. With the rise of popularity in video, now is the perfect time to offer video to clients! And photographers are in the perfect place to meet this demand. But how can photographers meet this demand if they’ve never shot a video before? 

I’m glad you asked. We all know the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. So then how many words is a 1 minute video worth that’s shot at 30 frames per second? 1.8 million. That’s 18 books if we’re being conservative. Video and photo are obviously different, but there’s one big difference we’d like to point out, and that’s audio. If we use a wedding as an example, seeing and hearing the ceremony is very different than only seeing it. Audio really captures the emotion of each word said. 

Sticking with our wedding example, the ceremony or first look is usually the first time the bride and groom see each other. With video, the couple can go back and see how the other was feeling as they got ready. Wedding days fly by for the bride and groom. Video allows them to see the things they missed like their first dance, the bridal party walking down the aisle, or venue details. Another thing we see a lot in videos is the bride and groom reading their letters to each other. These are priceless moments that photos alone can’t capture. 

Taking on video 

Most cameras are already equipped with the ability to record video. Shooting short clips throughout the day is easy to do and you don’t even need a stabilizer. Here is one of our favorite videos on how to get smooth footage without a stabilizer:

More than likely you have a second camera. Another idea is to put this camera on a tripod, hit record, and take photos while it films. Then you can take your photos and disperse them throughout the footage you have for a really cool looking hybrid. 

You may be wondering about post production as video is quite different from photo. Well now you have a friend in the video editing business so you don’t even have to worry about editing! Send both your video and photo files to EditSmart and we can combine them together with the audio you’ve captured, as well as add background music, graphics / titles, stabilization, and anything else you might need!

One other suggestion we’d like to offer is to team up with a videographer. Make friends with one of your local videographers and cut a deal with them. This will bring both of you more business as you each know people that the other doesn’t. It’s one of those win-win situations. Plus, if you’d prefer to just stick to photo, your videographer will be able to handle all the video stuff. 

Shooting video and creating hybrids (or even slideshows) is so easy to do with EditSmart! The possibilities really are endless. You can now enjoy the fun task of shooting video and stills without the dread of having to edit them! Here’s where you can learn more about EditSmart’s video editing services.