50 Social Media Post Ideas for Videographers/Photographers

50 Social Media Post Ideas for Videographers/Photographers

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been the cause of a major slowdown of production in the video and photo industries.  To help us all make the most of this time (or any down time), we put together a list of 50 social media post ideas for videographers and photographers. Enjoy. 🙂

1. Do you have a blog? Post your latest blog post to your social media. You may have followers and fans that would love to read up on what you’re doing and they don’t know you have a blog!

2. Use emojis in your post. They drive more engagement. Plus, who doesn’t love those adorable little yellow heads? 

3. Share photos of the people on your team! Putting a face with a name is powerful. Helps to humanize your business and we all like making connections. 

4. Post a video instead of just a picture! Video marketing has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. Forbes describes how 90% of consumers report that video helps them make purchasing decisions, and that 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. What does that mean for you? Maybe make a video showcasing your difference packages. Or maybe make an intro video about yourself that you could put on your About page.  

5. Share a post of a client who loved the work you did for them. Sharing this user generated content is like sharing a mini testimonial with everyone!

6. Running a new promotion or special? Maybe you’ve taken extra precautions because of the virus and you’ve thoroughly cleaned your entire studio. Let your clients and followers know!

7. Share about the awards you and your company have earned. This helps build up credibility. Bragging about your company so people know about all the time and energy you’ve put into your craft is a good thing! 

8. Share past content from YouTube or blogs to your social media. Maybe revamp it if it’s a little outdated.  

9. Post an inspirational story or quote. What person has changed your life? What experience from your life helps you get through the hard days? We all love hearing something inspirational. 

10. Do some kind of giveaway! Then be sure to do a post showing you followed up with your promise.

11. Share a testimonial from a client. This is even more powerful in video form. 

12. Post a throwback photo or video. 

13. Share your company’s culture with a picture or video. What do you do in your off time? 

14. Ask a question to your audience. “Would you prefer A or B…” – time to drive some engagement! If you’re reading this during COVID-19, people need social connections so giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts is great. 

15. Do you have people following you professionally? Share a tip or advice for how they can improve. Don’t you love it when someone with more experience than you shares insights? 

16. You know how hard it is to scroll past memes and GIFs. Posting one also helps shake things up so you don’t post the same old things. Helping people smile and laugh is a good thing. 

17. Have a contest between your followers with the winner(s) receiving a prize. 

18. Make a holiday post. Or make up your own holiday and then post about it. I mean, dressing-up-as-a-T-rex-and-going-out-in-public day is pretty awesome. Unless you’re sick. Then just stay inside and enjoy some Netflix or DisneyPlus. 🙂

19. Do you keep getting the same question from clients? Post an answer to a commonly asked question! Maybe update your FAQ page. 

20. Do a “On this day in history” post. Use this to highlight something unique about your surrounding area. 

21. Post an image scramble. Either have the image scrambled up or zoomed in and have your audience guess what it is!

22. Create an intro video to you and your company and post it! This is another great way to help people connect with you.  

23. Share a picture or video of your high quality prints and products. 

24. Getting questions about how you created something? Make a how-to video!

25. Want to learn more about what your clients want? Create a survey and post it! You can even do this for free through Google Forms

26. Post a fill in the blank sentence to drive engagement. “I love summer because…” or “To survive this quarantine I’m…”

27. Give another company, partner, or friend a shoutout. Having friends in the industry and giving referrals to them will pay dividends in the end. 

28. Do you have a post from a while back that did really well? Repurpose it and post it again!

29. Review the hashtags you’re using. Are there better ones? Check out similar posts to yours and see what others are using. Try some out!

30. Create a weekly, monthly, or seasonal series. For example, a particular style of photo for spring, or sharing some #WednesdayWisdom.

31. Take advantage of trending topics, outfits, ideas, and use them in a post!

32. Create a tag-a-friend or share-with-a-friend post. Something uplifting usually works great!

33. Are those comments and DM’s starting to pile up? Take some to respond to your followers and friends!

34. Share a video clip of what you, or your company, do behind the scenes. 

35. Share a story, image, or video that has touched your life.

36. Have plans for something big to come? Share a sneak peek! Get your audience excited and talking!

37. Share some or all of the core values that are a part of your company. You’ll attract like-minded people. 

38. Ever let another company or person do a “takeover” of your social media for a day? Might spice things up!

39. Take the time to thank all of your followers and friends!

40. Share a loss or a failure and how you were able to come back from it. Not only does this show how awesome you are for bouncing back, but it also humanizes you more, helping your followers to connect. 

41. Putting together an event, or going to an event? Let your people know!

42. Share what inspired you to start your own company. Your thoughts and words of advice could help inspire someone else!

43. Share a random fact about yourself that your followers probably don’t know!

44. Post/share a humorous quote or picture. Could be of you or perhaps something you saw. 

45. Post a picture and have your followers caption it. Maybe give the best caption a prize!

46. Share how you or your company gives back to the community. 

47. Share a life tip / life hack with your followers! Everyone loves to make life a little easier. 🙂

48. Put together a photo collage and post it! This can help to shake things up from just posting a single image. 

49. Share a #TGIF post! Could also be a why you love Friday post. 

50. As a photographer, you’re on the go a lot. Post a picture of your view for the day!


We hope some of these social media post ideas have inspired you! If you have more ideas for what others could post, email us or DM us on our Instagram page. Happy posting!